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Welcome to KAMA DC!


KAMA DC brings together diverse groups of people and immigrants to learn from one another in fun, interactive classes geared toward creating inclusive communities.

Imagine hands on learning about Ethiopian cooking, photography, languages, Liberian history, or on Indian politics. The classes are meant to be as diverse as the people teaching them!

Classes are open to everyone interested in learning and in global exchange. Any fees and donations go toward materials, instructors, and future classes.

The idea is simple: by allowing people to learn from each other, KAMA DC builds constructive contact between groups who rarely interact. We facilitate dialogue, mutual understanding, and empower instructors and course participants to build positive community relationships.

The KAMA model has been successful in several European cities and we are excited to see how it could fit into the Greater Washington DC area.



  • Join us for a volunteer meeting:
    • We meet every Tuesday at 7pm at Soho Tea & Coffee, 2150 P Street, NW, Washington, DC.
  • If you are interested in learning more, sign up for our newsletter by emailing us at info@kamadc.org or following us on Facebook here.

KAMA DC is an open-ended process that encourages participation at all levels.  Volunteers have been meeting since 2016 to collectively form our vision of inclusive communities.

Let’s figure out together how we can create inclusive communities!


The KAMA DC Team